About Us

Atria Compounding Pharmacy and Lifestyle Clinic is committed to provide customized healthcare solutions to you and your family through the art and science of compounding medicine.

We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of compounded medications at all time.

"Our health needs more than just a cookie-cutter medication."

-Dr Catherine Wan, RPh, Lead Compounding Pharmacist of Atria Compounding Pharmacy

To us, the traditional cookie-cutter medication is not enough to serve the complexity our health.

Health is more than a reflection of the "within reference range" lab work results, it is also about how well our mind is and how well our body can restore its homeostasis - a stable and constant environment.

That is why we offer holistic approaches to our health, from traditional, to customized medicine, nutritional advice and spiritually coaching, we hope to transform traditional healthcare to a new possibility.

Our vision is to be a leader of pharmacy that provides personalized healthcare service to optimize one’s physical and mental health.

Meet Our Pharmacist

Lead Compounding Pharmacist

Dr. Catherine Wan, RPh. Pharm.D.

Dr. Catherine Wan received her Doctor of Pharmacy and an Honors Program in Nutritional Science from the University of Toronto. She earned her Comprehensive and Advanced Non-sterile Compounding Certificate at Professional Compounding Centres of America.

After losing two family members with cancers, Catherine experienced the limitation of the traditional medication. As a pharmacist, she believes providing health care to patients is more than just dispensing cookie-cutter medication for symptoms treatment. Other aspects of health are as important.

During her pharmacy practice, she witnessed the life-changing benefits of compounded medicine for her patients. We need to address health as a whole and each of us is different and thus react differently to medications. This is where customized medications, nutritional and spiritual come in place.

Under the care of Atria Compounding Pharmacy and Lifestyle Clinic, she is committed to provide the personalized healthcare that can benefit you and your family.