Giving Medication to Your Child Can be Stress-free

"My child is refusing to take the medication because of the bitter taste."

"My child is intolerant to sugar and lactose in the commercial drugs."

"My child can't swallow tablets."

"What can I do?"

Those are common scenarios parents come to us for solutions.

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Solutions Designed For Your Child

  • Flavourings

    We have grape, tutti-frutti, strawberries and more flavours to choose from to make the medication more palatable.

  • Avoid allergens, food dye and sugar

    We can compound the medication as pure as possible requested by you and your doctor if ingredients are available.

  • Easy administration by changing dosage form

    We can custom make troches, rectal suppositories, sachets and suspension. Give more options for your kids on how they want to take the medications.

Explore Your Options Now

Compounds medication can be applied to children who might have sensory sensitivity such as smell, textures and also taste, food and chemical allergies and intolerance.

We are here to offer solutions to you and your family. Speak to our compounding pharmacist and see what options you have in order to improve the safety and ease of giving medications to your children.

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