Compounded Medication to Ease Rectal Pain

Hemorrhoid, anal fissure, perianal Crohn’s disease, ulcerative proctitis – these rectal problems can be very painful to individuals not only physically but also psychologically.

Compounded medication can be a choice for you to ease your discomfort.

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Find the Right Delivery Vehicle and Drugs

We can compound rectal rocket, or ointment, suppository or enema that deliver active ingredients to the mucosal tissue while improving the contact time of drugs at the site of application.

  • Relieves pain and chronic pressure at the targeted site

  • Helps reduce inflammation

  • Heals the swelling and tear of the sensitive mucosal membrane

Support Your Gut Health Now

Rectal issues or gut discomfort might be a difficult for patients to discuss, but we are here to assist you in making medication that suits your need and is requested by your doctor.

Gut health is also an important subject to address when dealing with rectal issues. We have a team of expertise who can help you find the supplements and diet to support your gut health.

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