Bio-identical Hormone Therapy to Restore the Balance

Our hormones level changes as we age. Symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and irritation might be due to hormone imbalance. We are here to help you restore the healthy lifestyle.

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The Importance of Hormone Balancing

As we age, we will go through certain life experiences such as stress and menopause, disrupting the hormone balance.

    Four Major Hormones to Help Restore Your Balance

  • Estrogen

    Estradiol/estriol - mood regulator

  • Progesterone

    The calming hormone

  • Testosterone

    Mood, motivation, strength, sexual drive

  • Thyroid

    Energy regulator

Restore Hormone Balance Now

We work with your doctors to find the most suitable tailor-made bio-identical hormones replacement to restore balance to your life and achieve the optimal well-being.

Speak to our compounding pharmacist and see what options you have to restore your hormone balance.

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