A New Choice to Manage Your Pain

Whether your pain is resulted from auto-accident, sport injury, age-related musculoskeletal deterioration or shingles or cancer, we can customize a topical cream to help

  • Reduce severity of pain
  • Reduce duration of pain
  • Restore your daily activity
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Advantages of Applying Transdermal Pain Cream

  • Reduce Systemic Adverse Effects

    Cream reduces the adverse effects that can be caused by oral pain medications such as stomach irritation and cardiovascular risk

  • Fewer Systemic Drug Interaction

    By switching to cream, it can reduce the systemic interaction between medications

  • Ease of Dose Adjustment

    Precise dosing of each ingredient as cream is customized for you

  • Direct Access to Targeted Pain Area

    Higher concentration of drugs get to the localized area compared to oral, especially joint cartilage, tendinous cot and bursa

  • Simple and convenient to apply

    We can combine multiple ingredients into one single cream instead of taking multiple oral pills

  • Avoid First Pass Metabolism

    Cream can avoid the drug elimination from the first pass effect through the liver

Not All Pain Are the Same!

Pain can be a nociceptive or neuropathic pain or both.

They can be described as pinpricking, stabbing, sharp, aching, burning, throbbing, numbing, sharp pain. Different types of pain should be treated differently as they are caused by different types of mechanisms.

    Type of drugs:

  • Non-steroid Anti-inflammatory

  • Muscle Relaxant

  • Anesthetics

  • Nerve Pain Blocker

  • Cooling Agent

Manage Your Pain Now

We have a comprehensive list of drugs that your doctor can prescribe to help ease your pain.

We source the highest quality cream base to ensure the drugs are delivered transdermally to the target muscle or joint tissue. These proprietary base cream aren't tacky or oily, and can spread easily on the skin.

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