A Pharmacy that Custom-make Medications

Some of the Many Solutions We Can Offer

  • Dermatology

    Dark Spots




  • Pain Management

    Muscle Injury

    Shingle Pain



  • Hormone Imbalance


    Hormone Imbalance

    Fertility Support

  • Children’s Meds


    Difficulty swallowing


  • Sex Health

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Low Libido

    Vaginal Dryness

  • Rectal/Gut Issues


    Anal Fissure


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Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine in order to fit the unique need of patients.

Many patients aren't serve by mass-produced medications. The needs sometimes start when a child can't swallow pills; a patient has gluten or lactose intolerance; a patient can’t tolerate the side effects from an oral medication; a medicine that is not commercially available.

Compounding pharmacy can provide solutions to solve those issues.

    Quality We Strive For

  • Sophisticated equipment and tools

    Produce homogenous and quality compounded medicine

  • USP/NF standard ingredients

    Source pharmaceutical-graded medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients

  • Trained compounding technicians

    Ensure medication is made with standards and protocols

Compounding Lab Facility

Our compounding lab is a quality-controlled facility with sophisticated equipment and tools.

The quality of materials, equipment, procedures are subject to strict regulations and standards to ensure medication is made safely and of consistent quality.

We welcome healthcare professionals to come for a visit of our compounding lab.

Lab is open on Friday only.

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